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DT Seminar 2020
UK Wedge Bonding Forum 1_2015
UK Wedge Bonding Forum 2_2015
Detector Mechanics Workshop 2012
Bond Workshop 2003

The Bondlab provides Al Wedge Wire Bonding services to all CERN related projects (Grey Book). Moreover, the team provides assistance in designing detector modules with regards to bonding issues as well as assistance in designing of bonding jigs (support tooling). The team provides also basic gluing facilities and assistance in gluing of read-out and detectors.

Project prioritizing
First priority is given to the LHC experiments.
The 2nd priority is given to CERN related projects taking place on site.
Lowest priority is given to all other projects.
Non‐CERN related scientific projects may be accepted if resources and schedule allow it.

Work Request Process
Please fill the Work Request Form (MS Word, pdf) including the bonding diagram and send it by email to Florentina Manolescu and
Ian McGill.

Once the job request has been received and confirmed by the bondlab team, we kindly ask you to deposit the material together with a copy of the work request form in the material pass through (accessible 24h/7d).

In the need for any futher discussions concerning technical details, you are kindly requested to ask for an appointement by email.

Irradiated material
The handling of irradiated, radioactive or potentially hazardous components has to follow special Procedure, so please fill the Radioactive Material Mandatory Safety Form (MS Word, pdf).

Job scheduling 
The jobs are scheduled on the basis of the date when the material arrived in the lab and on its position in the queue.
Usually, we expect the work to be completed within ten days.
There are occasions, which are very rare, when the work queue is shorter and naturally the waiting time in this periods is reduced.
Please allow contingency in your planning.


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