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Various Methods for Die Attach                                       

For the die attach process we usualy use thermoplastic films from Cookson - Staystik.

Thermoplasts are polymer  materials consisting of linear chains without cross-links.

Therefore they can be heated above the so-called glass transition point where they become flowable again and rework can be done. They harden again when cooled down.

Staystik films exist with or without filler materials. One can therefore choose between a range of materials from high thermal and electric conductivity to thermally and electrically insulating.

The standard materials used in the Bondlab are: the electrically and thermally conductive Staystik film type 571 and the thermally conductive Staystik film type 672

There is an important constraint: the interface to be bonded needs to be heated to about 170°C under gentle pressure for about 10 secs. For this purpose, a Cammax Die Bonder set-up is used.

The thermoplastic Staystik film 571 has been verified from
radiation hardness point of view, in the CERN PS irradiation facility.

Epoxy glues

For all work requests which require the use of an alternative adhesive to the Staystik films, we would kindly ask the user to provide the adhesive, the MDS documentation and the data sheet.

Anisotropic glues

Some preliminary studies have been performed with anisotropic glues as an alternative to wire bonding in certain applications.



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