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UK Wedge Bonding Forum 1_2015
UK Wedge Bonding Forum 2_2015
Detector Mechanics Workshop 2012
Bond Workshop 2003


Automatic wire bonders DELVOTEC G5

The DELVOTEC G5 (Delvotec) machine is a fully automatic wedge bonder for Aluminum wires. Our machines are operated with Al wires of 25 µm diameter.
The accessible work area is 150 x 200 mm, 25 mm in z (vertical).



Die bonder, CAMMAX DB 600

The CAMMAX DB600 (Cammax) allows to precisely pick and place chips on hybrids. Equipped with a heating work stage, the device can be used for die gluing by thermo plastic film.

Multifunctional bond pull tester Dage 4000

The Dage 4000 (Dage) allows to perform wire bond pull tests in a very controlled and reproducible way, both in destructive and non-destructive mode. This allows to characterize the bond and so to optimize the bonding parameters.

Shear testing is an established destruvtive method for evaluating the solder joint reliability oh the PCB assembly.
Our Dage 4000 is capable to provide Die Shear test to 100 kg. 


Leica MZ16:
Zoom ratio (16:1) provides standard magnification                  
from 7.1x – 115x including 10x eyepiece, 2x objective

Stereo Microscope. Zoom ratio (6:1), Zoom Range: 6.5 to 40
with included 10 x eyepiece, 1.5X objective

Olympus SZx7 (Olympus

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